Case 1:One company alone, not using NEEM scheme

  • ✔Training expense of JIM lecturers will be covered by METI.
  • ✔Dispatch of JIM lectures will be covered by METI.
  • ✔A part of operation expense could count as CSR spending if it meets requirements.

Case 2:One company alone, using NEEM scheme

NEEM Scheme(National Employability Enhancement Mission Scheme)

  • This scheme is under the jurisdiction of AICTS(All India Council for Technical Education)
  • The objective is to expand the employability of bachelor / diploma graduates through providing opportunities to learn practical skills in OJT.
  • AICTS certifies the organizations that meet training execution ability as NEEM agents.
    (NEEM Agents List
  • Each company contracts with NEEM Agent, accept Trainee(Students)and trains.

Case 3:Multiple companies, using NEEM scheme