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Established in Neemrana, Rajasthan in December 2021. During a 1-year training program, students learn basic soft skills, injection molding, press and heat treatment process molding, and grinding, packaging operations, mold maintenance, quality control and other practical skills. Aim to train future line-managers and core human resource candidates.



Established in Dharuhera, Haryana in October 2021. During a 1-year training program, students learn basic skills such as machining, assembly, quality, and maintenance through classroom and OJT. Aims to train future line-leaders of the company.



KOSEI MINDA JIM has been certified. (KOSEI MINDA ALUMINUM CO PVT. LTD.) Established in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in August 2021. During a 1-year training program, the basics of the manufacturing process/techniques and quality management of aluminum alloy wheels and parts will be learnt. Aiming to train the future line-leaders and managers of the company.

JEC provided by CHG IT Consultancy will be launched. (CHG IT CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED)


JEC provided by CHG IT Consultancy will be launched. (CHG IT CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED)
University:SRI Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology (Affiliated to ANNA University, Chennai)
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

JEC provided by Hiyoshi India Ecological Services will be launched. (Hiyoshi India Ecological Services Private Limited)


JEC provided by Hiyoshi India Ecological Services will be launched. (Hiyoshi India Ecological Services Private Limited)
University:Dr.M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu



Establishing in Faridabad, Haryana in May 2021. During a 1-year training period, Basic knowledge of manufacturing about automotive hoses will be learnt with OJT at Production, Maintenance and Quality.

TTDIJIM has been certified (Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems India Pvt.Ltd,)


Establishing in Sangareddy, Telangana in April 2021. During a 1-year training period, fundamental knowledge concerning manufacturing such as manners/rules, power transformation, power distribution equipment, and switchgears will be learnt. It aims to train the future line-leaders.

MKCI JIM has been certified (Mitsui Kinzoku Components India Private Limited)


Established in Bawal, Haryana in January 2021. During a 1-year curriculum period, fundamental knowledge concerning research and development of catalysts, basic catalyst manufacturing and related manners/rules will be learnt. It aims to train production engineers as talented personnel in the future.

JIM / JEC official website has been launched.


An official website has been opened to enable a more deeper understanding of the JIM & JEC Schemes of the Government of Japan for India. The website has more information about the Schemes, the participating companies, application procedures and much more. We will regularly update the latest information on JIM & JEC Scheme and the latest developments on the website. Please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form.

ASB JIM has been opened


ASB International Private Limited which is located in Ambarnath, Maharastra has opened a JIM with a batch a size of upto 40 trainees in December, 2019. On The Job training on plastic process molding, maintenance and machine operation is being imparted to the trainees in addition to soft-skills oriented classroom lectures on Japanese-manufacturing terms and processes.

Otsuka Pharmaceutical JIM has been opened


Otsuka Pharmaceutical which is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat opened its JIM in November 2019. They provide a training program that lasts for a year to trainees who have the potential to become team leaders in the production and quality control areas . They provide both OJT and Classroom-based learning opportunities for trainees to learn about basic matters related to discipline, manners, production, quality, and manufacturing. The batch size is of approximately 20 trainees.


Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing

  • The JIM Scheme is a training-oriented skill development accreditation program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of the Government of Japan in India. It enables Japanese companies (those that have 50% or more Japanese holding) to initiate a pre-planned training program within their company for non-employees as "trainees" that consists of a combined curriculum that has both on-the-job training (OJT) and soft-skills training and that lasts a minimum of at least 1 year. Trainees receive a JIM certification upon the completion of the JIM program. Several Japanese companies in India have been accredited as a JIM and are experiencing the improvement of both technical and soft-skills amongst their trainees.
  • Also matches "Make in India" "Skill India" proposed by Prime Minister Modi.
  • Concepts and skills of Japanese manufacturing must be taught from the basic level to the practical level. Skills training must also be provided.
    • Discipline: Basic rules and attitudes needed for working in factories
    • Manufacturing spirit: KAIZEN, 5S (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
    • Skills: Practical skills (Welding, Painting, Assembly, Mechatronics, etc.)
    • Logical thinking:Problem analysis and solution proposals etc.)
    • Hands-on training in a factory: Practical on-site education (on-the-job training)
  • 1 year or longer(Minimum1year to a maximum of 3years per batch)
  • The courses of the graduates are not limited to the operating company but may include related companies, but of course the graduate themselves are responsible for all career decision-making.
  • It is expected that the graduates are not limited to or confined to working for the operating company upon the completion of the JIM program. However, the graduates have the freedom to accept a job-offer from the operating company if the company finds value in employing the JIM-trainee who has graduated from its own JIM program.

Japanese Endowed Courses (JEC)

  • The target of the JEC Scheme (Japanese Endowed Courses) is to provide skilling and educative training programs to future middle-management level engineering candidates who aim to join the manufacturing sector in India. The JEC Scheme targets engineering and technical institutes and colleges to hold such trainings. The type and length of training varies according to the training being imparted by the JEC Accredited Japanese company and can range from being 1-day long to a few-months in length. The JEC Scheme not only provides training opportunities on practical manufacturing education but is also a medium for providing vide range of educational opportunities such as learning about Japanese manufacturing techniques and Japanese work-ethics and work-place essentials. The JEC program is not only targeted for manufacturing-related human resources but also for the human resources for the IT-Sector.
  • Widely popularize Japanese companies by having them provide short programs to students
  • The students receive training benefit by being exposed to industry-relevant topics and working skills.
  • Develop human resources with skill sets to perform as managers or engineers for company and industry.
  • Imparting training to students witin the IT and the manufacturing sector
  • Educate students about specialized technologies possessed by Japanese companies through lectures and practical instruction
    • Lectures based on On-the-Job Experience
    • Practical instruction provided by engineers who actually work for Japanese companies
  • Flexible, however the program should be longer than a single day

Development of JIM and JEC

19 JIMs and 7 JECs have been launched.

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